Thursday, March 6, 2014


Dancing is her pleasure but sometimes, it's more like a desperate need. An addiction maybe. But she hates those psychological bullshit terms. She lives too close to the earth to be psychoanalyzed. That's why she's comfortable with her body. Comfortable with bodily needs like eating, drinking, shitting, pissing and fucking. She prides herself on being a strong and powerful animal. Her body can do things that others only imagine. She has the power of an elite athlete and her mind is in tune with this power. She loves her body and her mind and she loves using all her gifts and powers to dance. She never imagines herself separately from all this physical power and the beauty of what she does every day with her body. At least she never has. But now, her body is not doing what she asks. Her body is experiencing pain and stopping her from being what she wants to be.

She once talked about the midnight beauty of sorrow. She once created a dance called. Terror, Beauty, Love, Death.